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  • Vitasigns iOS App
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  • Smart Body Analyzer

    VS-3250 Bluetooth Digital Body Analyzer measures Weight
    and Body Fat % with brilliant simplicity...

  • Therapeutic Massager

    Vitagoods brings you outstanding health maintenance
    tools to keep your body in tip-top shape...

  • Turnaround
    your skin regime

    Experience the benefits of an enhanced cleansing
    and exfoliating routine with the Vitagoods
    Spin for Perfect Skin

Vitagoods family motivates you to stay active, live better, and reach your goals.

Personal Care
Personal Care

In our Presonal Care category you'll find the electric Vitagoods Face & Body Cleansing Brush to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and lift dirt and oil trapped in pores and a vibrating scalp massager for stimulating theexpulsion of dead skin cells and to provide an invigorating massage.

Life Report System

Our complete Vitasigns Life Report System provides the ability to measure and track vital weight, body fat percentage, and blood pressure parameters from the comfort of your home. Additionally, the Vitasigns App allows you to set and maintain goals for yourself, family members, and friends with the option to share data.

Track your health.

We believe here at Vitagoods that one of the keys to happiness is healthy living. We believe the products you use should enhance every part of your daily routine. We are dedicated to deliver you consistent,quality products that achieve unparalleled results and provide uncompromised value.