$ 15.99

Sassy Me allows you to get down with your sassy self. With a fresh blend of Vanilla Bean, Sesame Seed, Pepper Corn and Hawaiian Lava Salt you will give any dish a dash bravado.

Flavor Profile: A roasted smoky spark of earth, combined with a sweet pure blend of vanilla.

Health Profile: Helps rid the body of impurities, promotes healthy skin & weight loss, beneficial for Alzheimer’s, properties that help reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular and liver ailments, health-promoting & anti-aging powers, helps to control and reduce blood pressure.

Goes Great With: Beef, Seafood, Chicken, Turkey, Rice, Vegetables, Pastas, Soups, Salads, Tacos, Burritos, Salsa, Vanilla Ice Cream, Popcorn.

Compliments well: in combination with any of the Cook By Color flavors.

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