Perfect Skin Plus: Facial Cleansing Brush

$ 30.00

Spa treatments can leave skin with that glowing feeling—healthy and reinvigorated. Getting that same result at home was reserved for really expensive systems. Then came the Perfect Skin Plus.

This little wonder cleans, exfoliates, and revitalizes your skin. At 380 rotations a minute, the gentle-yet-effective micro-massage movement cleanses the surface and lifts dirt and oil trapped in your pores.

It just takes a minute or two, but it can make a significant difference. Perfect Skin Plus can remove 97% of bacteria, reduce the size of your pores by one-third, and result in 93% clearer skin.

Every inch of you is covered by three different attachments. The large body brush covers big areas in less time, while the soft face brush is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The pumice stone helps eliminate rough skin from your heels. The Perfect Skin Plus removes dirt and makeup that makeup cloths and face wash doesn't.

Perfect Skin Plus is waterproof (so you can bring it in the shower with you). From head to toe, Perfect Skin Plus helps you get cleaner, more radiant skin right at home.

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