Aura Clean: Facial Cleansing Brush

$ 129.00

The only face brush with UV-C and a dryer built in!

The Aura Clean Orbital Facial Brush comfortably cleanses using powerful rotational technology more effective to manual washing. The ergonomic waterproof brush handle makes it easy to guide the Aura Clean Brush across the contours of your face, allowing the bristles to work the nooks and crannies. Its spinning motion, combined with the silky soft bristles thoroughly sweep through pores to safely dislodge dirt, dead skin cells and make-up residues. Used together with your favorite soap or cleanser, it's a hygienic and efficient way to perfectly polish the skin, gently smoothing and reinvigorating microcirculation as it travels.  This routine prepares the skin for absorption and maximum retention of your favorite skincare products like creams, serums and moisturizers. The Aura Clean Brush Handle has two cleaning modes. Super Clean Mode & Sensitive Clean Mode. Super Clean Mode is our standard for cleansing skin. Sensitive Clean Mode can be accessed at a touch of a button.

cleaning mode: We realized that with even the most technically advanced facial brush out there, if you are using a filthy facial brush on your face, it isn’t living up to its intended use. If anything it encourages nasty elements to help create or prolong bad skin and acne.  The Aura Clean Base Station cleans and protects your Aura Clean Brush from environmental pollutants and germs. Cleaning takes place within the Base Station core, with the advanced Aura Clean Halo, a circular UV lamp featuring a 360 degree light source that zaps and kills 99.9+% of all germs. The lamp's UV-C rays destroy the DNA of pathogens keeping your brush fresh and ready to give you a truly deep clean. The UV-C sterilizer runs every couple hours to make sure that pesky 0.1% doesn't make a comeback.

drying mode: The intense cleaning UV-C rays are basically useless if the brush remains damp. To combat this problem, TAO Clean has implemented a Drying Mode that drives water away from the brush, keeping any germs from setting up camp in between your bristles

charging mode: Your brand new Aura Clean Brush Handle should come with enough charge for one full use, but afterwards the battery will need to be charged for a full 24 hours. Simply place the Brush Handle in the plugged-in Base Station and it will automatically begin to charge, while simultaneously starting the cleaning and drying cycles.

dimensions: Base Station measures 4.9" (12.5cm) x 4.16"(10.6cm), Brush Handle measures from top to bristle end 3.35" (8.4cm) and  2.8” (7.1 cm) at the widest point.

whats included:

  • Aura Clean Orbital Facial brush handle
  • 2 Aura Clean brush heads (Daily Care & Exfoliator)
  • Aura Clean Base Station
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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