Body Analyzer & Spout Fitness Bundle

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This combo includes our world famous Body Analyzer1 + your choice of any 750ML Spout | Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle

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    from Jose Zuniga
    • Eat More Protein
    • Lift Heavy to Build Muscle
    • Drink More Water, replace your sugary drinks with water
    • Drink More Coffee
    • Stand Up More, don't stay seated at that desk all day
    • Ingest More Omega-3
    • Gradually Reduce Your Calories to Loose Weight, not a drastic cut
    Product Details
    Body Analyzer 1
    The Body Analyzer1 Digital Scale and Body Analyzer is not just your average scale. Sure, it can tell you how much you weigh, but that’s just a number. Through an undetectable electrical current transmitted through your body via the stainless steel pads on the scale platform – also known as Bio Impedance Analysis, or BIA – Body Analyzer 1 Digital Scale and Body Analyzer measures your body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, and water weight. Individually, these vital body composition statistics can indicate changes you need to make to your lifestyle, workout, or daily routine, but all of them together give you an accurate and complete picture of your overall health.

    KEY FEATURES: Helps you live your best life and track your health goals by providing vital body composition statistics, Measures through Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA), Can be used as a conventional scale, measures in pounds and kilograms, Stores information for up to 8 users, Requires 4 AAA batteries (included), 397 Pound Capacity
    Spout | Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle
    Stay hydrated and healthy with Spout by Vitagoods. Our line of reusable water bottles and cans are designed to not only encourage water consumption, but also reduce our carbon footprint. Using your Spout on the daily in place of disposable, plastic water bottles will not not only save you money, it will decrease waste to protect our beautiful planet. Your Spout is perfect for on-the-go hydration as it keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot for hours so you can enjoy them throughout your day. Be good to your body and the environment with Spout.

    KEY FEATURES: Available in sizes that hold 500ml or 750ml of liquids, Keeps cold liquids cold for at least 6 hours, Keeps hot liquids hot for at least 12 hours, Equipped with double-walled vacuum insulation, Silicone grip for a comfortable grip and easy opening, Bottle mouth size perfect for filling and drinking, Made of durable 18/8 stainless steel, Leak-proof seal