Agility Barre

Created by fitness and wellness expert, Lauren Griffith, Agility Barre® is a fun, upbeat workout that combines the strength and endurance of Sculpt with the mindfulness and flexibility of Yoga. Achieve a lean, toned physique through specially choreographed dance combinations that utilize the Agility Barre® Weighted Bar and maximize your workout.
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Benefits of the Agility Barre During Pregnancy

The Agility Barre Workout is the perfect exercise choice during pregnancy because it is low-impact and includes both cardio intervals and resistance training. The mindfulness and flexibility of Yoga combined with the strength and endurance of Sculpt is a perfect balance to help mothers-to-be prepare for labor and stay fit during pregnancy.

Pre & Postnatal Workouts

While Lauren was pregnant, she developed a series of workouts with the Agility Barre to show the different ways you can exercise during your pregnancy.

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1st Trimester
Prenatal Workout
2nd Trimester
Prenatal Workout
3rd Trimester
Prenatal Workout