Resistance Bands :: Chest, Triceps & Shoulders Workout
Each Resistance Band Workout is a combination of cardio, interval training, and isometric conditioning. These workouts are designed to target your entire body and help you achieve your fitness goals.
For this workout perform each exercise below int the following intervals:
  • Perform the exercise as depicted for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
  • Perform your preferred cardio exercise (jumping jacks, burpees, etc) for 30 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds
Complete 3 Cycles of this Workout!
Biceps :: 90 Degree Hammer Curls (Band above Wrists)
Chest :: Push Up/Stretch Band Side (Band around Wrists)
Chest ::  Plie Squats with Band Side Stretch (Band around Wrists)
Chest :: High Plank Alternating Wide Tap (Band above Wrists)
Triceps :: Tricep Lifts to Stretch with Straight Arms (Band above Wrists)
Triceps :: Tricep Kickbacks (Band above Wrists)
Triceps :: Wide Tricep Dips (Band above Wrists)
Shoulders :: Prone Swimmers (Band above Wrists)
Shoulders :: Alternate Overhead Press (Band in Hands)
Shoulders :: 90 Degree Lifts (Band above Wrists)
Back :: Bow & Arrow (Band in Hands)
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