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The Facts:

A kitchen scale is one of those appliances that you never think you need until you have one, but the Vitagoods Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is the appliance you won’t know how you cooked without once you’ve tried it. Accurately measure food on this compact and sleek scale thanks to the Tare function, which enables the scale to weigh your food or ingredients minus the container holding it. Whether you’re on a diet, prepping weekly meals, using precise measurements for baking, or just enjoy cooking at home, you’ll love working with the Vitagoods Tare Digital Kitchen Scale. With just two buttons – Power/Tare and the Unit button, which allows you to toggle between grams, milliliters, liquid and dry ounces, and pounds – and an easy-to-read digital display, there’s little chance for confusion.   

  • Foodies, health nuts, and home chefs will love the super accurate and easy to use Vitagoods Tare Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Convenient tare functionality allows the scale to display the weight of your ingredients minus the measuring cup or container they’re in
  • Toggle between milliliters, grams, liquid and dry ounces, and pounds with the touch of a single button; measures up to 11 pounds
  • Automatic shut-off feature saves battery power
  • Modern stainless steel looks great on countertops; compact size makes storage easy
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)

Using your Tare:

  • Turn on, switching between grams, milliliters, fluid ounces, and pounds & ounces until you reach your desired unit of measure.
  • For the Tare Function, place a bowl, cup, or other container on the scale, pressing the Tare Button to zero out the weight, allowing you get an accurate measurement of added ingredients.
  • Press and hold the Power Button to turn the device off, or let it shut off automatically with the Auto Shutoff feature.
  • Wipe the broad, even surface clean and either store away or make it a part of your counter top décor.

Caring for Your Vitagoods Tare Digital Kitchen Scale

Clean the level with a soft, damp cloth and light dish soap. Never submerge the Vitagoods Tare Digital Kitchen Scale in water. To avoid cross-contamination, clean the level in between measuring ingredients, and when measuring citrus or other acids, avoid getting them on the underside of the scale and specifically the battery compartment.

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