Resistance Bands

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Introducing the safe and effective way to add resistance to your workout routine, helping you build stamina and flexibility. Designed by fitness and wellness expert, Lauren Griffith, the Resistance Band is lightweight, conveniently portable and, more importantly, highly durable because it’s made of adaptive jelly instead of brittle latex—that means no more snapping! Looking to customize the intensity of your work out?

Our Resistance Bands come in three training levels—light (pink), medium (orange), and heavy (blue). Or you can purchase them as a three pack.

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Benefits of Working Out with Resistance Bands
  • Take the workout anywhere!
    Our resistance bands are light weight and excellent for travel. Workout at home, the park, the gym, and take them when you travel.
  • Add variety and challenge your muscles in new and different ways!
    Over time, your muscles adapt to any exercise routine. Mix up your resistance training workout with resistance band exercises, which will all work your muscles in slightly different ways.
  • Build Stamina and Flexibility
    Resistance bands are a safe and effective way to provide resistance and
    lengthening muscles. It's no wonder that resistance bands are one of the most desired tools used by physical therapist.

About Lauren Griffith
Fitness and wellness expert, Lauren Griffith, is best known for her high-energy fitness classes, boot camps and instructor training programs. Born in Northern California, Griffith’s passion for fitness originates from playing team sports as a child and later teaching group fitness classes at the age of 18 while attending college at Washington State University. In college, Griffith began cheerleading, where she was introduced to dance and its many benefits. After her studies, she went on to teach a wide variety of fitness and mind-body classes and created Agility Barre out of her passion for Yoga, Sculpt, and Barre.

Resistance Bands Workouts

& Abs
Resistance Bands Workout
& Biceps
Resistance Bands Workout
Chest, Triceps
& Shoulders
Resistance Bands Workout
& Legs
Resistance Bands Workout

Benefits of Working Out with the Resistance Bands

Increased stamina and flexibility • Safe and effective • Compact and lightweight • Provide resistance and build tension • Increase bone strength and help prevent osteoporosis • Add variety to your workout and work your muscles in a different way.

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