what we've been up to.

what we've been up to.

These last few months, my desk has seemed a bit cleaner than usual (I admit it, my desk is pretty much always a mess). It’s been cleaner because I’ve spent most, if not all of my time away from it, working with the team on a complete remodel of what vitagoods is and stands for.

If you knew us before last month, it’s pretty easy to see that things have started to change a bit around here. We’ve got a sweet new logo, new product categories, and much more competitive pricing, just to start.

But this is just the beginning– we’ve got a whole lot more up our sleeves.

health + home– curated:

As we were working on rebuilding the concept of our brand, we fell in love with the idea of focussing our energy on products that promote a healthy lifestyle–particularly in the home. We realized that our whole team has a passion for the health and happiness of our families, so what better place to create a healthy environment than in the home?

When we started looking around, trying to draw inspiration from other brands with similar values, we found a ton of products that we fell in love with, but failed to find any shops or stores that did a good job of helping people discover these types of products. We found a couple of awesome subscription-only sites in the space, but struggled to find an old-school online store (don’t worry, thats supposed to be ironic) that simply offered awesome products that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle at home.

So this is where we decided to make a huge shift from anything we’ve done before— instead of only offering our own products, we set out to create a highly curated online boutique that offers all of our favorite healthy home products.

Sure, we’ll still be introducing some products of our own (and we’ve got some awesome ones coming really soon!), but our goal is to become your trusted friend and resource, who's taste in quality and products you come to trust and love. We’ve discovered so many awesome brands and products in our quest, that we’d feel selfish to just keep them to ourselves.

what we’re curating:

To help you to trust the products we’re putting on our site, we wanted to share a little bit about some of our “product values,” or the things we’re looking for as we develop our own products or find ones to curate.

stuff we actually use: This may seem super simple, but we pride ourselves on not just testing products, but making sure that anything we sell is something we actually use. Not “would” actually use, but actually use. Each product has been tested and fallen in love with by one or all of our team members. If we don’t love it, we don't sell it. Period.

natural + holistic: One of the things we’re looking for as we’re curating products is products that promote a natural and holistic lifestyle. This may look different depending on the type of product, but generally it means the product is toxin and chemical free, or it helps you to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle.

eco-friendly: Another category of products we love are the ones that help us to reduce our carbon footprint. Again, this may look totally different depending on what the product is or does, but this generally includes products that help to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste, or promote a more simple, minimal lifestyle.

ethically sourced: Lastly, as a foundation for everything we offer, we always want to be sure that the products are ethically sourced and manufactured.

what’s coming and when?!

Ah, I hate having to do this, but we can’t show our cards too much just yet. What I can say is that starting in the next few weeks, we’ll be adding a bunch of new products– one at a time. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and subscribe to our e-mail to stay up to date on all of the things we’ll be adding.

we’d love your help!

While we like to think that we have good taste, we know that we’d be totally missing out to not ask to hear from all of you! We’d love to hear what your favorite healthy home products are, and try them out to see if we fall in love with them too! If you want to make a suggestion, simply fill out this form, and we’ll check it out!

Interested in partnering with vitagoods with your brand? Fill out this form if you’re interested in us offering your product, and this one if you’re interested in selling ours!

Have a wonderful day!


Joel Stanton