wednesday's weekly pick: pressed freeze

wednesday's weekly pick: pressed freeze

I recently came across a meme that said something along the lines of, “Ah fall, that lovely time of year where we wake up to sweater weather, by lunchtime we’re melting, and by dinner we’re frozen again.” While this particularly made me laugh since it perfectly sums up Southern California, I’ve heard similar sentiments echoed by friends of mine all around the country. This week’s pick was inspired by that “lunchtime melt” when you’re craving a cold treat.

Also in the interest of full transparency, this one is a straight addiction for me. I indulge myself a few times a week, but don’t feel guilty about it even a little bit.

what is it?
Pressed Juicery started as just that— a juice shop. Over the last six or so years, they’ve expanded from a single location in West LA to almost 50 locations in 6 states. Their mission has always been to make high nutrition a realistic option for everyone, while still making everything taste great.

This passion drove them to introduce “Freeze.” What is Freeze? Think of it as a frozen yogurt, but made entirely from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Freeze, more or less, is a frozen version of Pressed’s juice.

why do we love it?
We love Pressed as a brand because, like us, they aim to help people create a more healthy lifestyle with awesome products. We love Freeze in particular, because it can be a guilt-free dessert option that definitely does not taste guilt free. We say “can” be guilt free, because they do have topping options that can definitely make it a guilty pleasure instead of a guilt-free one–

Aa normal Freeze serving has on average between 100 and 200 calories, but the second you start loading on the chocolate chips and almond butter, your healthy snack isn’t looking very healthy. That being said, just adding a bit of fruit goes a long way!


Want to give it a try? See if they’ve got a location near you here:

Joel Stanton