wednesday's weekly pick: 31 bits

wednesday's weekly pick: 31 bits

This Wednesday’s Weekly Pick is not about one amazing product, but a collection of them created by a brand with a beautifully distinct voice. 31 Bits has taken socially conscious brands to a different level, by offering empowering and educational job opportunities for global artisans, while giving consumers the opportunity to buy well-crafted products that are crafted fairly. What started as a few ambitious girls out of college partnering with women in Uganda to make and sell simple paper-bead jewelry has blossomed into an esteemed fashion jewelry brand that is making a positive impact worldwide.

what is it?
If you're familiar with 31 Bits, you know that they have a signature look and feel to their products that make them stand out from other jewelry brands. They are known for their beaded jewelry that is made in Uganda from rolled paper “bits” and varnish. When they started, they had traditional, multi-color bead necklaces. These necklaces soon evolved into fun statement pieces that very in size, color, shape, and composition within collections.

Recently, however, Bits launched a whole new side to their brand: metals. Venturing into Indonesia, 31 Bits is working with a local Balinese workshop to mix modern design and traditional technique, creating beautiful brass pieces that are entirely unique.

why do we love it?
It’s not just jewelry, it’s a choice to purchase better and do good with our spending. Yes, we could find a handful of brands that fit our style, but aesthetic is only a portion of our motivation to buy. 31 Bits inspires creativity and thoughtfulness with their brand and we find them to be a brand worth following.

We love 31 Bits because they're continually making waves in their industry, which is something we hope to do as well.

Check out their all new, 2016 Bali Collection here:

Taylor Stark